Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For

Everyone wants to go viral, and I used to be stuck in that mindset too, until it happened to me. I owned a boutique at the time and I was really working hard to be consistent with posting and growing my following.  I really enjoy being myself and sharing all kinds of things with my followers.  But, one day I was struggling to get content posted and decided to film a tshirt cutting tutorial.  I did it so fast and only to have something to post.  I honestly thought nothing of it.  Well, guess what?  It went viral.  It was exciting to watch the views keep going up and up.  There was just one problem, I don't love tshirts and I am not a professional tshirt cutter.  I mean I wear them, but my boutique was all about pink, sparkles and being boujee.  From a business standpoint it was not great because I ended up getting all kinds of followers that just wanted me to continue cutting shirts.  Soon, if I wasn't cutting a tshirt or talking about cutting a tshirt I wasn't getting any views.

See, TikTok is smart!  When they figure out what you do they deliver your content to the people they think will like it.  But, if you just got 20 thousand new followers that followed you for tshirt cutting, when you come on talking about something else that does not interest them they scroll on by and TikTok thinks that your content isn't interesting and therefore they stop pushing it out.

I ended up closing my boutique a few months ago and was having a hard time getting traction for my new business.  So, I started posting myself working out and sharing my health journey.  That really wasn't the direction I wanted to go but people were interested in it and it was keeping me accountable so I kept going.  I am a TikTok shop affilliate and it is a huge part of my income but my dream is not to sell STUFF on TikTok, my dream is to share my love of business.

That is why I just created a new TikTok account and it is really hard to go back to zero when you are used to having a lot of followers but I am bound and determined to connect with my target audience and this is the only way it's going to happen.  I am so excited to make business connections and surround myself with like-minded women who love business as much as I do.  I want to find people who are always striving to be better.  So, here I am sharing my business journey so that I can find all my new besties who may need me. 

I’m all about empowering female boss babes to turn their dreams into dollars! Tired of the business roller coaster? Say no more! Let's ditch the overwhelm and craft a roadmap to sustainable success together. My tailored approach ensures your business growth aligns perfectly with your vision and strengths, so you can sparkle brighter than ever. Because here, we're not just chasing profits – we're building legacies and making waves with clarity and purpose.

xoxo, 💋 Shelli

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